Sunday, May 24, 2015

Dragon Generator

Weird murder-machine dragons now prowl the higher levels of Strigastadt. The generator is based on this one by E.G. Palmer.

of hd (6 - 13)

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Some Rambling

Played another game in Strigastadt on Friday that went pretty well, but a couple issues were highlighted:
1) My rules for First Aid are a bit broken
2) Treasure was... insufficient for the terrible risks involved

As a quick recap, I have First Aid working as a standard LotFP d6 skill (based off Logan Knight's Surgery rule), where failure means inflicting a point of damage and success healing equal to the number rolled, and you can only heal folks at or below 1 hp.

Thought it was pretty handy, but one of the players only sunk a single point into the skill... which, with the healer's bag, meant a 50/50 chance of helping or harming. I like the idea of being able to do damage on a failure, but as the rules stand it's not super helpful where you need it most: when characters are a point or two away from bleeding out. You shouldn't have to dump all your points into a skill before it becomes usable!

So, as a minor change: only failure rolls of 6 harm the patient... That should make it so even relatively unskilled folks have a decent enough chance of helping. I think the old way would work better for a game that's less brutal than Strigastadt, but using a standard LL dungeon stocking with LotFP means that my players don't need any extra help in killing off their characters!

The "HP goes down to negative 1/2 HD, you have a couple rounds before passing out" ended up being a bit fiddly too, and without GM fiat characters didn't have any way of taking more lasting injuries. Both these problems will be solved by using Goblin Punch's fantastic death and dismemberment table. It is elegant and works, I only wished I had discovered it earlier!

Treasure amounts took a bit to fix. My generator placed hoards according to suggested Labyrinth Lord stocking values for unguarded hoards. I figured I could extrapolate and just have those hoards appear wherever monsters lair and having it be close enough, but that ended up being VERY wrong... The average value for an unguarded hoard is something like 165 gp, whereas for a bandit hoard... average of 11,700 and an upper limit of 131,480 gp. Sweet baby Jesus! I mean, I know bandits are on the wealthy side, and lairs don't always have cash, but that's massive!

Anyhow, the generator now uses monster hoard types in generating their hoards so it's much more usable. I now know why progression seemed slow... I liked having their characters be short on cash though (I find it helps with the mindset of grubby gritty dungeon-crawling), so I'm going to reduce the monster treasure hoards to 1/2, give double XP for finding cash, and use carousing / squandering rules for getting more XP.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Spear Shattering

So I love the idea of an adventurer shattering their spear in the heat of combat and having to draw their trusty short-sword to keep the nasties at bay. Or someone snapping off an axe-head in the skull of an enemy. I like Logan Knight's notches rule a lot, but think it's a bit too fiddly for me - I really don't want to slow down combat, since quick combat is one of the great features of OSR games like LotFP. So without further ado, my simple version:

On a critical hit or critical miss, roll 1d6.
+1 if you're using a spear, -1 for great weapons. Your weapon breaks on:

Terrible 2-6
Shoddy 3-6
Poor 4-6
Well-made 5-6
Excellent 6
Masterwork double sixes on 2d6

Most stuff is well-made. Other qualities are available if sought, they are worth:

Terrible 0.3x base
Shoddy 0.5x
Poor 0.7x
Well-made 1x
Excellent 5x
Masterwork 10x

As an quick extension of the rule, you can try to attack other folks' weapons. Roll to hit, on a hit they roll weapon breakage but add your strength bonus to the roll.

This'll give folks a reason to have more than one weapon, a good chance of having to get a new spear or whatever after repeated heavy combats, and a reason to value high-quality items without needing enchantments. Plus the idea of snapping off a sword in some awful monster seems pretty awesome.

For those like me that wonder how long each will take to break on average:

Terrible 8 attacks
Shoddy 10
Poor 14
Well-made 23
Excellent 41
Masterwork 248

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Floorplan Generator

I made a little floorplan generator because I decided my quick-and-dirty handmade floorplans were subpar and couldn't find generators that worked well for a convoluted Strigastadt building. The generator works pretty well and I'm happy with it, so I decided I'd share the code if other folks want to run it: [link]
It's written in Python and requires pygame to run; it'll spend like five seconds creating a map for you (or 30 if you configure for "huge" maps), and then save the image to the current directory and quit. I've commented a bit in it, and you can find some explained configurable options up at the top. If you run into issues or have any questions/comments just let me know! I'm happy to help. :)

Small Map
Large Map
Huge Map

The main downside is you have to add in the doors and room numbers yourself, but I couldn't see a way around the former. Doors have a big impact on the implied usage of the space, and I don't think a random generator would do even a passably good job at placing them for a map like this. The room numbers... I left 'em off because I want to use my room generator to make a list of rooms and then assign those numbers to the floorplan according to my whims.