Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Litany of the Dead

RIP Harvald the Sorcerer: Single most useful party member with his use of floating disk, Harvald was slain by a very excessive amount of centipede venom. His body was recovered and properly cremated by his kinfolk from the East Shore.

RIP Fisto Majisto the Fighter: Fisto was slain on only his second voyage to the Grey District, overcome by centipede venom. His burial was less noble, being dumped into a vat of necromantic ooze "just in case". May the ritual to raise his scoured bones in a mockery of life never be learned.

RIP Aelfric the Specialist: The most hardened of the adventurers, Aelfric was on his sixth journey across the river when he met his fate. A trapped ladder to the third floor enveloped him in a cloud of lethal gas. His linkboys could only flee the oncoming cloud. Another ignoble burial, may the ritual to raise his scoured bones in a mockery of life never be learned.

RIP Jerry the "Halfling": His first foray across the river, Jerry egged on the party as they attempted to torch the unlucky building that had seen so many of their friends dead. As the fishfolk attracted to the blaze approached with their wicked meat-hooks and dead eyes, he held the line, slaying four. When more began issuing from the building further down the dockside, he smeared himself in the fish-blood and charged to buy his friends enough time to escape. His body remains to be recovered.

RIP Greta the Linkgirl: As the fishfolk tried to board the fleeing skiff, Greta was hooked by barbed spear and pulled overboard. Her body is unrecovered.

Survived by:
Brother Klaus the Priest, nearly recovered from his emergency tracheotomy.

Turk the "Elf", pierced by the wicked spears of the fishfolk, he narrowly survived and will be under the careful watch of healers for a time.

Blax Jax the Fighter, carried himself well in the slaughter, giving killing blows and taking nothing in return.

Tally Ho the Cleric, after the venom began to wear off was able to drag her unconscious ally Aelfric away from the hateful centipedes as they gnawed the corpses of the others. She is currently drinking after the harrowing experience.

Oliver the Cleric, happened to be on the scene of the skiff's chaotic return and was able to save the tenuous life of Turk.

Mald the Linkboy, seared the face of a fishfolk with his torch and held his berth on the skiff. He is traumatized by the loss of his sister, but may return to seek vengeance on the monsters responsible.

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