Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Town Crier

Here's a d20 town crier table to help the city feel more like a living entity. I'll roll on it near the beginning of a session to get an event (separate from the encounter tables I use periodically throughout the session). The list was started using this as a seed: [link].

Source: British Museum
  1. Event coming up (market day, holiday, festival, feast)
  2. Crown introducing new tax (luxury, staple, property, toll, market)
  3. Notorious criminal escapes / bounty offered (thief, murderer, assassin, arsonist, demon worshiper, sorcerer, monster)
  4. Someone did something to win renown (won prize fight, bred otherworldly roses, solved ancient riddle, saved child from burning building, etc)
  5. Superstition / tradition supposedly necessary for day (no crossing water, dress in red, fasting, etc)
  6. Public execution (thief, petty noble, murderer, arsonist, heretic, usurper, looters)
  7. Troubles in neighboring boroughs (riots, fires, famine, plague, sorcerous, monsters, warring groups)
  8. Weird event (disappearances, fiery comet, sighting of strange creature, etc, etc)
  9. New laws or abolished laws (curfew, sumptuary, Grey District, arms, other)
  10. Big crime or crime wave (burglaries, pickpocketing, murders, counterfeiting, arson)
  11. Denouncement of traitor (noble, sorcerer, librarian, political figure, knight)
  12. Aristocratic news (new noble, someone appointed to order, territory changes hands, marriage, death, birth)
  13. Discovery (portal, dungeon, library, creatures, mine, distant land)
  14. Impending disaster (flooding, cyclone, sorcerous, invasion, plague, famine)
  15. Party related news (last notable thing they did, or the fallout from a recent adventure)
  16. Death / funeral (lord, merchant, religious leader, gang leader, social leader, famous animal)
  17. Sizable signing fee offered for recruits for specific campaign (sewer militia, local lord's retinue, gang, mercenaries, library)
  18. New mercantile endeavor (seer/magical, new portal discovered, fine arms/armour, luxuries, exotic goods)
  19. Upcoming entertainment event (pit fight, concert, play, drumming competition, mazzascudo)
  20. Increased / changed group activity (gang, cult, lord, political group, animals)

Mazzascudo: [wiki] [wiki2] [images and context from tumblr]
Grey District: The ruined/haunted half of the city across the river, illegal to visit/loot, giant megadungeon for the PCs

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