Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Strigastadt Play Report III

Another old session summary:

Last session was the party's initial foray across the river to the abandoned / quarantined Grey District, looking for loot. The party had just pulled off a heist on an arms warehouse of the Hargrave Guards, and wanted to make themselves scarce while patrols led by Sigga the Wolf scoured the borough for the culprits. Most the evening was spent cautiously exploring their selected landing spot, well away from the vaguely threatening group they had sold their ill-gotten arms to a couple days prior. After passing over the building overflowing with fungal blooms (party: 'Nope nope!') they entered a large dockside building with ratholes gnawed through the doors.

Predictably, the party immediately had to deal with a flood of rats. After the initial wave retreated, however, a small swarm of white mice entered the hallway ahead, running in concentric counter-rotating rings that began to mesmerize the onlookers. Fortunately Cecilly the Arsonist's immediate reaction to mice running in circles was to set them on fire, so before they were fully ensnared a bottle of oil saved the day. The singed survivors of the blaze retreated into the darkness and the party was thereafter constantly shadowed by gleaming eyes watching their every move. They cautiously proceeded...

Inside the group discovered a locked stairwell with a huge wasp nest inside (party: 'Nope nope!'), smashed terrariums with the empty gnawed shells of what was said to be subjects of vivimancy, a locked room with opium pipes and luminescent mushrooms growing within a rotten dresser (later discovered to be an alchemical ingredient), and a room where Barbarus nearly lost his fingers to a serrated disk trap. After being bandaged up to stop the bleeding Barbarus got good and soused to numb the pain (and restore lost Grit). They decided to retreat when they noticed the rats all withdrawing to the same room, from which drums began to sound. End of session: "We're gonna buy oil and a sack of cats, then come for the Rat King"

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