Friday, June 9, 2017

d20 Figurines

So I got a bit burnt out and put the Strigastadt campaign on hiatus. It had a good run of 10 months this time around before I got worn out. I reckon when we return I'll pick up with the Forgotten Shore hexcrawl, several years after the last events. At the moment my friend Alex is picking up the slack and running a super rad game where we play WWII GIs who've voyaged into the hollow earth to blow up secret Nazi bases. We're doing a hexcrawl and repeatedly getting fucked up by dinosaurs and shit, it's hella fun.

With the stress of running a game every week gone, and the inspiration of playing in other folk's games I'm already feeling a lot more excited about writing up game stuff. It's been good. North Texas RPG Con was especially motivating, I played in a lot of really awesome games and had a ton of fun. I also ran Index Card D&D on a Friday night and it went great, folks really seemed to enjoy it. I might write up a brief post on that later.

Anyway, here's d20 figurines! Roll 3d20 and mix up the columns, or 1d20 and read across. I might add a random downsides column at some point but I'm too sleepy to think up any right now.

d20 Material Form Function
1 Porcelain Tiger Animates as a full-sized creature under owner's command for 1 hour, once per week
2 Red & Black Earthenware Demon Once a day, feed the figurine 1 HP of your blood to gain one temporary luck
3 Labradorite Skeleton When a hit would reduce you to zero HP, reduce the damage by 2 and the figurine shatters
4 Opalite Owl Once a day, can see through the figurine's eyes for 1 hour
5 Jasper Raven If you're the target of a spell, make a luck check. On success, nullify spell and this shatters
6 Coral Raccoon Doubles growth rate of plants within 10' if given blood once a week
7 Malachite Bear Once a day, can become searingly hot for up to an hour
8 Tiger Eye Heron Radiates coolness 5', your saves against fire/heat based attacks are at advantage
9 Turquoise Fox Once a day, can become 200 lbs for up to an hour, while retaining same size
10 Ivory Wolf Eyes glow when within 40' of undead
11 Mahogany Hound Once a day, eyes glow and gaze causes paralyzing fear against one target
12 Ebony Serpent Once a month, can transfer all poison from within a target to a hollow in figurine
13 Peach Pit Feverling Eases aches and pains. +1HP / night healing
14 Forest Glass Shark Once a day, for 5 minutes will vibrate every time it hears a lie
15 Blue Glass Cat Once a day, can cause all gases within 5' to condense. They stay that way for 5 min
16 Ruby Glass Griffin Animates as above, but shadowy and can only attack ethereal creatures. Also can possess mindless undead.
17 Brass Horse Once a day, trap incorporeal creature (they get a save). Only one can be trapped at a time.
18 Blackened Steel Frog Animates as above, but only 6” tall.
19 Silver Goat Once a day, nothing within 5' can cause noise for 5 minutes
20 Doll Gorilla Can store a rank 1 spell

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