Monday, June 12, 2017

Six Spells

The names for these were taken from the spell name generator I posted a while back - the goal of which was to get spells that sounded suitably metal. :) 

Stats are written for my house-rules game (Gutters, Guilds, and Grimoires), but should be easily convertible for whatever old-school system you use.
Crown of Fingers - Sorcerer Rank 2, Source: ???.
Make a crown of exactly eleven human fingers before chanting the spell. The wearer of the crown can dominate corporeal undead (non-mindless undead get a save). Each time the wearer establishes control over a new undead creature an index finger shrivels and scorches. When no more index fingers are left, the crown ceases to function. Control over undead lasts for 1d8 turns (DM rolls in secret). In addition, the wearer of the crown is able to interact with non-corporeal undead. This means you can hit them, but they can hit you more easily too and gain advantage when attacking you.

Summon the Volcanic Tar - Sorcerer Rank 1, Source: Kad-Athoth.
Calls forth an eruption of smoking stinking tar in a 10' radius area. Creatures caught in the blast take 1d4 damage, and those in the area take 1d4 each round. Requires a strength check to pull free of the sticky tar. Lasts 1d6+1 rounds.

Dream Jackal - Sorcerer Rank 2, Source: Rhothastep.
Summons a Dream Jackal, an ethereal creature that scavenges on the dreams of unsuspecting victims, tearing off scraps of the restful substance before moving on. Just before dawn it returns, sharing half the spoils with the summoner and leaving the victims feeling drained and with vague memories of ripping teeth and baleful eyes. On a successful luck check the summoner gleans a bit of useful information from one of the dreams. They also gain the benefits of having rested extra time, depending on the location of the casting:
                 Villages: 1d4 days worth of rest
                 Towns: 1d6+1
                 Cities: 2d6
For students of sorcery, there may be a possibility of recognizing a Dream Jackal gnawing on your dreams, and following it back to its source when it is satiated. For this or other reasons, Dream Jackals indulge with the rarefied dreams of sorcerers less frequently than they might desire.

Blade Gate - Sorcerer Rank 2, Source: Yahil.
The caster designates a door, gate, archway, etc. Through this area blades cannot pass. When someone attempts to bring one through, the blade is ripped from their grasp by unseen forces and added to the gate's frame. If someone passes through without gifting a blade to the gate, all the accumulated blades attack until they get at least ten feet away. The caster is ignored by the gate. Lasts 1d6+1 turns or until 13 blades are accumulated. Can double those numbers by casting as a rank 3 sorcery.
An aside - the Rotting Void is linked in odd ways to the lower levels of hell, bottomless pits all over the world, and much stranger places. It is a zero gravity lightless void, yet retains enough air to breathe. It is dominated by wrecks of corpses populated by grubs, flies, and other scavengers of rot which migrate as new food becomes available. The scattered entrances to the Rotting Void provide the new food at high velocities. Enormous corpses of unrecognizable creatures are the hubs of the Rotting Void, providing enough sustenance for years of feasting.

The Beam of the Rotting Void - Sorcerer Rank 1, Source: The Rotting Void.
Harnesses the energies of the Rotting Void, accelerating decay in a target caught in the beam. To organic creatures this does 1d6 damage, and the target must save or the wound becomes septic. Inanimate organic objects become weakened by rot.

Teeming Bolt - Sorcerer Rank 2, Source: The Rotting Void.
A chunk of bone with scraps of rotting matter is hurled at the target. The insects which gnawed the corpse down to this stub cover it in a writhing blanket. On impact it does 1d6 damage, and the ravenous insects deal an additional 1d4 each round until removed by fire or some other method. If rotten flesh is nearby they will prefer it.

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