Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Death & Dismemberment

Speaking of characters getting disfigured, I figured I'd share my Death & Dismemberment chart. I found most charts insufficiently generalized for my purposes, so created my own. So far it's worked well, dishing out non-lethal wounds at times but never feeling safe to roll on.

Mechanics explanation - similar to WFRP, once characters are reduced below zero grit they roll on the below chart, adding one for each negative number they've reached. I.E. at -2, if they rolled a six, they'd get to 8 on the below chart. I've got a custom hit location die I use for the fights, so we know what's being hit for armor and wound purposes, which has arms, legs, torso, and head on it in varying proportions.


2 - Adrenaline rush
   - Advantage on next roll of choice
3 - Jagged wound
    - Scar (-(1d4-2) Cha if on face)
4 - Sub-part damaged (finger, eye, etc)
      - save or permanent inhibition
      - 3d4 weeks normal healing
5 - Part damaged
    - Pain Check at advantage or pass out
    - Bleed (2d4 + con mod rds till death)
    - Scar (-(1d4-2) Cha if on face)
6 - Sub-part destroyed (finger, eye, etc)
7 - Part disabled
     - Pain Check or pass out
     - Bleed (1d6 + 1 + con mod rds till death)

     - save or permanent inhibition
     - Scar (-(1d4-2) Cha if on face)
     - 3d4 weeks normal healing
8+ - Part destroyed
        - Pain Check at disadvantage or pass out
        - Bleed (1d4 + con mod rds till death)

        - 3d4 weeks normal healing

After battle checklist:
     - Armor damaged?
     - Scars?
     - Healing times?

Divine healing halves recovery time.

Quick NPC version:
2-4 part damaged
5-6 part damaged and they're down
7+ dead

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