Thursday, October 6, 2016

Strigastadt Play Report VII

And with this, the blog is finally caught up! Previous play report: [link]

Last week's session summary:
Roxanne [JT], wrecker
Tom [Mackenzie], fungus farmer
Ludovica [Lauren], apprentice alchemist
Leonora [Bart], spy
Cecilly [Alex], acrobat
Zamara [Heather], initiate of Zig
Belina [Jackson], mutant printer

The party returned to the borough Krüger on the inhabited side of the river, seeking to recuperate from wounds the Vorn Owls inflicted as well as establish themselves as a proper gang. Lo Ren Zao was left in the Rat King's care as he underwent a transformation... In Krüger Cecilly gained patronage for her performances from one Count Marshhold, a smiling but somewhat creepy noble who has recently moved back into Strigastadt, apparently at the behest of his relative Greta the Pious (leader of the Glass Street merchant consortium). Zamara worked hard at gaining new converts to the following of Zig, and Tom focused on setting up his mushroom children... He's rented a basement in the building below the Roost and tucked them away there, with plenty of organic material for sustenance, including a slain Vorn Owl and former comrade Chuck Chuckleston, with the hope the fungal creatures will use the bones as a framework to grow protectors. Only time will tell!

While going about their business, the party ran into a gang wearing puffed-and-slashed red coats, bolo knives, and pompadours, who called themselves the Red Demon Knives of Terror!!!1!  They apparently laid claim to the area around Coalstreet, where the Roost is, and were shaking down the nearby shrines for protection money. Cecilly artfully backflipped in front of them and offered the services of the "Stone Cats Entertainment Troupe" to their leader Udhidg, who was well pleased at the prospect. Udhidg said she expected a performance in two days at... looked around, and pointed at the Sarcophagus, declaring that's where they'd set up their HQ. Cecilly bowed out, and the party began their plans...

The Stone Cats?
Two days later, after the Red Demon Knives of Terror attacked and took over the Sarcophagus bar and called out the people hiding in the Roost to fight (Barbarus - "Nobody here but us chickens!"), the plan was carried out. Leonora had procured a large quantity of wine which was drugged by concoctions procured by Ludovica. Belina, Roxanne, and Cecilly worked out a routine to put on while the others served the drinks, with knives concealed. After most had drunk and were starting to act woozy the performance reached its apex and the party sprung into action. Belina attempted to stun the sober Udhidg with her fungal eye but Udhidg shrugged off the effects. Then a bolt of yellowish energy was cast and people started stabbing... Two of the Knives were defenestrated and a surprisingly tough Roxanne managed to avoid being crushed by Udhidg's meteor hammer. The inhibited Knives finally surrendered after half died, but one lieutenant managed to escape out into the night (to which the party said good! Let the tale be told the Stone Cats have arrived to stake a claim). Those who surrendered were told to join or die, but immediately passed out due to the drugged wine, so time will tell whether they'll convert or desert.
Udhidg's Meteor Hammer

The party's rendition of the Red Wedding took most of the evening, but the Stone Cats did subsequently lay claim to the Sarcophagus and the rooftop farm outside, and are eyeing additional strategic assets to gain control over, such as the old Belltower where the Blind Vipers used to reside. The party is still debating the uniform for the Stone Cats, in order to fit in with the other Krüger gangs. :)  I'm looking forward to seeing how it'll play out next time!

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