Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Strigastadt Play Report V

The next session was a bit unproductive as far as play goes - due to people's schedules coinciding and other factors we had a full eleven players show up, so things kinda ground to a merry halt. They still managed to explore a little more of the fungus building (this time without any incidents of infection) before deciding it was too dangerous and expending a considerable amount of oil in order to burn it to the ground as the Rat King requested. More strange fungal creatures were encountered, and Tom the fungus farmer smuggled out a colony of tiny fungoid creatures who appeared inquisitive and non-hostile. Tom's mushroom children have been the subject of some debate, some characters advocating throwing them back on the blaze when first discovered, and much trepidation shared amongst the rest of the party.
Mushroom children
Awesome illustration by Emma Lazauski,
a print hangs on the wall next to our play table.
 The remainder of the session was spent investigating the second floor of the Rat King's building, the use of which has been given them in return for their services. Aside from skeletal cats trapped in a barred room, the place boasts a bedroom, small ballroom (trapped), kitchen (to be converted into alchemical laboratory), and a shelved collection of geological samples. Some minor treasures were recovered from the place, and the party spent the night in relative safety. Several party members spent time trying to trade secrets with the Rat King, but unfortunately he knew most those offered him. Jafar did trade a secret unknown by the group for information, but it remains to be seen if he will share...

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