Monday, September 26, 2016

Strigastadt Play Report II

Continuing with my posting of month-old summaries to get the blog caught up:

Session recap:
Last session the group put on their strategist hats and drew up a plan of attack for a job Barbarus (Jackson) received from his contact with the Righteous Banner. Mork had requested he burn down a warehouse full of armaments owned by Lady Hargrave's guards, a callous but skilled group stationed on the upscale Glass Street. The Righteous Banner fears that, should the political situation turn violent, the ruthless Hargraves would be a serious existential threat to their people. Several plans of attack were drawn up, including convincing a waiter of an upscale tower-restaurant overlooking the building to conceal them after closing so they could descend unseen, but the party was split over the arson aspect of the plan since the warehouse was on the ground floor of a partially residential building, and a midnight burning would likely entail the deaths of bystanders. Barbarus argued they were rich folks anyhow, and therefore class enemies, but that failed to sway the other members of the party. Instead an alternate plan was drawn up to infiltrate from the warren of tunnels beneath the warehouse, steal the armaments, and use their contacts with the Blackbirds to smuggle them across the river for sale to their buyer in the Grey District. The Blackbirds have agreed to the plan on the condition no-one will know the party is working with the gang, since the Hargrave guards are widely feared for their ruthless suppression of criminals. In order to scout the layout of the warehouse, Chuck Chuckleston (JT) managed to win his way into a fresh batch of recruits via a violent try-out.

Meanwhile Zamara (Maybe??? Heather's character) glorified her deity by brawling in the fighting pits of Zig. She won the first couple rounds but when the tides changed she tried to press her luck, eager to win glory and egged on by the alleged pit veteran Chuck Chuckleston. She earned a broken arm for her troubles, and is now on the mend. Sling and all though she still helped win over adherents to their heist plan with her force of personality.

Delaying their plan a bit until everyone was in place, they decided to try and take on the rampaging shaggamaw (figuring the Blind Vipers were probably too much for them, even reduced as they were), putting together a trap and ambush in an alleyway near where it had been seen. The fisherman used rope to suspend a bundle of cobblestones and a barrel of rainwater above the alley, and tied up a net to prevent the beast's escape. The party lay in wait along the rooftop, with several folks down in the alley with some bloody rags to attract its attention. It unexpectedly came up through a different sewer grate, and the party hastily took down the net that was now preventing their own escape. Fortunately when it got to them the trap worked flawlessly, disorienting the beast and wounding it. It still managed to scoop Chuck Chuckleston into its mouth and was moments from biting off a leg when it was brought down by the sudden onrush of cudgel and sword wielding ambushers. The jerks from Lord Brinston's watch rewarded them for their effort surprisingly, and have hung the body from in front of their guard station to awe the populace.

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