Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Room Generator Description

Explanation/changelog for the Strigastadt room generator:

I originally wrote this tool to populate a vast complex of mostly deserted rooms in a single keep of the sprawling castle-city Hexenghast, but now it is intended to describe my own take, Strigastadt. Rooms have been re-purposed many times over the life of the castle, with strange stairs and halls calling to mind the labyrinthine Winchester Mansion. Intended as an above-ground megadungeon, the rooms should be unpredictable and laid out according to an inscrutable plan.

Use: the generator only makes room descriptions, so it is assumed you are working off / will make a map of buildings with floor-plans.

Floors per HD indicates how many floors adventurers will have to climb before the average monster raises in HD.
Some rooms modify those above, such as those with stairs.
Rooms marked with asterisks should go on or near the edge of the structure (for venting smoke, waste, birds, or whatever).
Some of the largest rooms should probably have appropriate rooms assigned via swapping (fighting pits, altars, etc), but whatever.

This is a work in progress! I intend on increasing the number of rooms, descriptors, and creatures, etc.

Updated 5/24: Added randomly-generated dragons that are murder-machines. The generator is based on one made by E.G. Palmer here. Also added a ~30% potential for each lair to have another type of monster cooperating with it.

Updated 5/22: According to a suggestion from the 1e DMG, numbers of monsters now scale upwards when they appear on higher levels than they are first encountered. So, feverlings appearing on level 1 have their standard encounter rate, but on level 2 appear in twice as large numbers. We'll see if this is terrible! They also yield proportionally larger treasure hoards, so at least there's that.

Updated 5/21: Added proper creature hoards (much more treasure now), more room dressing. Due to massive b/x suggested treasure hoard values I've set the default to being 0.5x value for them. Magic items still need to be added, but placeholders are there now (it'll say 1 scroll or whatever).
The "lair hoard chance multiplier " is based on the suggested LL treasure stocking. It says base 50% chance, but I have it scaling based on number of creatures rolled, so rolling max # of creatures results in 100% chance hoard, rolling half # creatures results in 50% chance, etc. Default is 1.5x chance because reasons.

Updated 5/12: Added weapons, halls

Updated 4/30: Added more rooms, descriptors. Made some descriptors more common and put a chance in for multiple descriptors. Added in more frequent exit-generation (spiral staircases, trapdoors, etc). Also made a format change so that there's no spaces and the wandering monsters come last, since this facilitates how I'm using it. If y'all prefer the old way, let me know!

Updated 4/24: Implemented multi-floor generation, several more configurable values, made some traps have a minimum floor level. Also added in spellbooks and whatnot, and added the feverling description generator to the tool.

Updated 4/20: Added doors being locked/stuck, etc.

Updated 4/18: Added in trap generation.

Updated 1/1/15: Added in bonebeetle related items.

Updated 11/13: Made improvements to the treasure troves so they're pretty alright, but still need polishing. Made some creature tweaks and stuff.

Updated 11/2: Made treasure troves more interesting, but still have a long ways to go. A substantial percentage of adventurers' profit will be made off of snuff mulls.

Updated 10/29: Added treasure troves, some furniture worth. Treasure guidelines are aimed at replicating Labyrinth Lord values, but kinda smoothed out. Also I'm using a silver standard because LotFP. % Unguarded treasure rooms is the chance a room is to be an unguarded treasure room. Since monsters don't leave treasure yet, it's really currently just % treasure rooms.

Updated 10/28 again: Added a bunch of monsters (mostly using Labyrinth Lord stats). The checkboxes allow you to select the relative proportion of each category, except that the "naturals" have more entries so will be like twice as frequent as others on the same setting. By the by, the feverlings and shaggamaws are re-skinned goblin and ogres respectively, which I'll get around to describing eventually.

Updated 10/28: Added lair generation and wandering monsters. Very few monsters so far so lower levels are an unrelenting tide of tiny spiders. Floors per HD is how many floors it takes for the most common creatures to move up a HD (2 is good).
Like this but indoors

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