Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Three Wands

Mechanics are with Gutters, Guilds, and Grimoires in mind, but again should be easy enough to convert to your system of choice. Apologies for the poor image quality, the phone camera just didn't cut it on these.

Gray Vengeance
Projects colorless flame in a beam 80' long, dex save at disadvantage to avoid.
Does dX+1 damage. If you roll max damage, the wand is partially depleted and goes down the die chain on future uses. (d8 -> d6 -> d4 -> depleted)
Most wands start on d6. Minor wands of Gray Vengeance start on d4, Greater wands on d8.
If 5+ damage is dealt with the wand, a mind point is temporarily drained from the victim. Burns inflicted with the wand are crumbly and colorless.

Constructed from tempered dim glass with a core of witch ash taken from the death-pyre of Waruda the Traitor by sympathetic agents. Waruda was denounced by several rival Strigastadt nobles who claimed she was scheming to take the life of the Queen. She was stripped of her titles and burned at the stake for treason. The Order of the Silver Pyre have been seen armed with these wands on their raids.

Statistical note on expected charges:
starting with d4: 25% <= 2 uses, 50% <= 3, 75% <= 6
starting with d6: 25% <= 5 uses, 50% <= 8, 75% <= 13
starting with d8: 25% <= 10 uses, 50% <= 16, 75% <= 23

A porcelain wand with simple cobalt flowers painted upon it. Heavy and cool in your hand. Wakens the spirit of an object, animating it and allowing the holder of the wand to command it to perform simple tasks. The objects are best able to accomplish things they know how to do - brooms sweep, spoons stir, brushes scrub. Can keep up to six objects animated at a time, each less than 20 pounds, for up to an hour each. Each time the wand is used, roll a d12. On a 12 the wand is depleted but the object's spirit is awakened for a year and a day.

A supple branch with delicate pink flowers. Causes plants to bloom. Works even on wooden objects, which will form a layer of bark before sprouting flowering twigs of its species moments later. There is a creaking rustling noise as the twigs push outwards. Range 20', affects all plants or wood within 5' of the target point. Each time used, roll a d12. On a 12 the wand is depleted but the target plants will blossom for a year and a day. Fertilized flowers will still fruit, but immediately regrow once the fruit drops. Multiple uses on the same plant may have deleterious effects.

There were nine wands originally but I decided I wanted to practice drawing with them, so it'll take me a bit longer to finish and post 'em.

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